Marakéšska zmluva15.2.2017

On 14 February 2017 the Court of Justice of the EU released an opinion (Opinion 3/15) that the conclusion of the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works for Persons Who Are Blind, Visually Impaired or Otherwise Print Disabled falls within the exclusive competence of the European Union.

In July 2015, the Commission submitted a request to the Court of Justice of the EU to deliver an opinion on the nature of the competence for the conclusion of the Marrakesh Treaty, because there was no consensus between Member States, whether the conclusion of the Marrakesh Treaty falls within the exclusive competence of the EU or within the shared competence, which allows Member States to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty alongside the EU.   

Marrakesh Treaty was adopted on 27 June 2013 at the diplomatic conference organized by WIPO. The Marrakesh Treaty introduces international rules which should help beneficiaries of the Treaty - persons who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise print disabled to ensure the full enjoyment of their right to information and right to education and research through the improvement of the access to the works and their accessible format copies. At the same time, the access to the works and their accessible format copies for this specific category of persons should be supported by the cross-border exchange of works and their accessible format copies between the contracting parties and authorised entities. 




Návrh nariadenia o prenosnosti15.2.2017
On 7 February 2017 the common agreement between Council of the EU, European Parliament and European Commission was reached on the text of the proposal for a Regulation on ensuring the cross-border portability of online content services in the internal market. The proposal for a regulation deals with the situation that subscriber (consumer), who has paid for the online content service in the Member State of his/her (habitual) residence, can enjoy the online content service also in other Member State, where he/she is temporarily present – e.g. for the purpose of vacation or business trip. These services offer access to content such as music, films or e-books. The need for the regulation arises from the fact that these services are not often accessible from other Member State (other than subscriber´s home country, which means the Member State, where he/she has paid for the service). They are blocked due to barriers stemming from providing the licences on the territorial basis, because license agreements are usually concluded in the way that use of the works and enjoyment of the service is enabled only on certain territory.
Medzirezortné pripomienkové konanie7.11.2016

On 7 November 2016 has been launched inter-ministerial public consultation about preliminary aspects of new EU legislative acts in the area of Copyright. The deadline of the inter-ministerial public consultation is November 11, 2016.


Reforma AP14.9.2016
Rozsudok vo veci C-160/1512.9.2016

Judgment of the Court in a Case C‑160/15

On 8 September 2016 Court of Justice of the European Union in a case In Case C‑160/15, GS Media BV vs Sanoma Media Netherlands BV, Playboy Enterprises International Inc., Britt Geertruida Dekker, On those grounds, ruled:

Article 3(1) of Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society must be interpreted as meaning that, in order to establish whether the fact of posting, on a website, hyperlinks to protected works, which are freely available on another website without the consent of the copyright holder, constitutes a ‘communication to the public' within the meaning of that provision, it is to be determined whether those links are provided without the pursuit of financial gain by a person who did not know or could not reasonably have known the illegal nature of the publication of those works on that other website or whether, on the contrary, those links are provided for such a purpose, a situation in which that knowledge must be presumed.

You might find the Judgment of the Court in Slovak language here:

Verejná konzultácia k právam vydavateľov a výnimke panorámy7.4.2016

On 23 March 2016 the European Commission launched a public consultation on the role of publishers in the copyright value chain and on the 'panorama exception'. The consultation will run until 15 June 2016. More information you might find here: and the survey here:


Seminár k novému Autorskému zákonu26.1.2016
On 18 February 2016 will take place a lecture focusing on the new Copyright Act. The event is dedicated especially to people working in a creative industry with essential copyright knowledge, as well as to attorneys at law, government institution representatives, entrepreneurs and others, who might be in touch with copyright. Generally is the lecture dedicated to authors and other rightholders as well as to users of works and subjects of protection.
Nový autorský zákon5.1.2016
1.1.2016 nadobudol účinnosť nový autorský zákon (zákon č. 185/2015 Z. z. Autorský zákon).
Oznámenie Európskej komisie „Smerom k modernému, európskejšiemu rámcu autorského práva"16.12.2015

9.12.2015 bolo zverejnené  Oznámenie Európskej komisie Európskemu parlamentu, Rade, Hospodárskemu a sociálnemu výboru a Výboru regiónov s názvom „Smerom k modernému, európskejšiemu rámcu autorského práva".  Sú tu predstavené plány Európskej komisie na rok 2016.

Návrh nariadenia o portabilite16.12.2015

9.12.2015 Európska komisia predložila návrh nariadenia o zabezpečení cezhraničnej prenosnosti on-line služieb poskytujúcich obsah na jednotnom trhu (ďalej len „návrh nariadenia o portabilite"). V oblasti autorského práva ide o prvé nariadenie.

Návrh nariadenia možno nájsť na stránke Európskej komisie v časti "Ďalšie informácie".

Verejná konzultácia k vymožiteľnosti práv duševného vlastníctva16.12.2015

9.12.2015 Európska komisia zverejnila verejnú konzultáciu k vymožiteľnosti práv duševného vlastníctva, termín: do 1.4.2016, link:

Verejná konzultácia k online platformám a spotredkovateľom16.12.2015

24.9.2015 Európska komisia zverejnila verejnú konzultáciu  „ Regulačné prostredie pre platformy, online sprostredkovateľov, dáta a cloud computing a hospodárstvo spoločného využívania zdrojov", termín do: 30.12.2015.